How I help

Creating breakthroughs in thinking becomes possible when you create an environment that encourages collaboration, use tools to visualize and create a shared understanding and ask BIG questions that stretch current thinking.

Breakthrough Workshops

Workshops are designed to create the needed space, time and questions to articulate an inspiring future built on possibilties. Each workshop includes preparation interviews, pre-work, the workshop itself and a debriefing afterwards.


They are designed to engage each participant in the room through thought-provoking exercises. Please see the workshop tab above for more details.

Creative Career Strategies

I had the fortunate experience of being rejected 63 times during my first job search in Norway. After heeding the advice of a professor, I applied a creative approach to job hunting and it changed my life. I often lecture on this approach for university graduates. 


As one student recently wrote me. "I received a huge morale boost after I heard your guest lecture in our class. I actually used your networking technique during my Master Thesis to test it and refine it and eventually found a job as a Senior Consultant in September. You definitely were an inspiration. I think you can make a huge difference in people's lives. Thank you."

Engaging Keynotes & Lectures

Breakthrough thinking can have a profound impact on individuals. After seeking employment in as a foreigner in a downtime economically in Norway, I learned the hard way how important a divergent strategy is in job hunting. I often share my creative career strategies at BI Business School and the Emergence School of Leadership in Oslo.

Online Learning

In the Fall 2015, I am launching a online serices of webinars and courses on how I applied creative career strategies to find my dream job in a economically unstable time in Norway.