My passion is creating learning experiences where individuals and enterprises experience breakthrough thinking.

It started by asking "Why?" 


Why, after nearly 20 years in big and small technology companies in the U.S. and Norway, did the same business challenges keep arising? Why were we experiencing sluggish growth? Why was our messaging based on being the same different as the competitors? What was the purpose of our company, of our team? 


There was always too little time to stop and ask ourselves the BIG questions shaping our future. We sat in endless meetings discussing the same topics, rarely getting the tangible results we hoped for.  There had to be a better way.


Six years ago I was determined to become a business toolsmith. I was eager to learn new tools, models and approaches that create a shared language and understanding of the challenges and opportunities around us. I wanted to create a toolkit to jump-start conversations that create new possibilities.


I started with facilitating sales best practices workshops around the world. The response was overwhelmingly positive. It then expanded to workshops and labs within innovation, business model strategy, corporate culture and creative career strategies. Each event is grounded in using visual models, powerful questions and collaborative environments to see new possibilities in everyday challenges.

Ian Jenkins
Founder / Partner
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